This refill for Escentric 02 – Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 uses an unparalleled concentration of ambroxan, in combination with vetiver and muscone. A particularly gorgeous nature-identical musk. Orris, elderflower extract and hedione add to the instant effervescence of the topnote. Escentric 02 is a light, refreshing and brisk fragrance that sparkles and enchants from beginning to end. It’s the kind of brisk you think of when smelling a freshly poured gin and tonic over lots and lots of ice, only Escentric has a fascinating mineral-like finish that amps things up to super spectacular. It’s a wear anytime, go anywhere type of scent with a very relaxed, unassuming nature. The magic of this fragrance is that it customizes and highlights your natural fragrance oils. That’s why you often can’t smell it yourself, but still feel complimented by others. Refill means that it can be used to put in the metal box that came with your first 30 ml. However, it can also be used alone, like any other perfume.


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